July, 2009

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Is mochi haupia or is haupia mochi?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

three flavors of mochi

From vastly different sides of the smushy desert spectrum, the mochi vs. haupia comparison often abound. They are very similar in texture, but haupia is probably less consistant as it’s flavor generally matches it’s color. But what if one were to combine those topics and end the debate? If you have tried the haupia mochi, I’d like to hear it, otherwise a review on it will have to wait until the next hop over to the islands. Enjoy the jump Happy Hearts Mochi

Sometimes not looking at how it’s made is better…

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I think the end result may be a tastey treat, but this is one receipe that should not have pictures (IMHO). Looking at the photo essay from back to front is definitely more appealing than front to back. I’m not really sure it matters as either way causes artery clogging just from gazing upon the greasy manipulation of unhealthy deep fried goodness. If a vegan or vegetarian, I’d suggest not taking the jump. If not part of the former group of non-meat loving crew, you may join them, or you may just try the receipe for your self. Deep Fried Bacon Cheese Hot Dogs if you dare…

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