A Splinter in Time

Written by hoisumguo on May 4th, 2010


Once a mighty oak or birch or tower of wood, then hewn to a spline of cylindrical extrusion. The power of the smallest of objects, not fully understood at all by the masses of the collective. A toothpick, a splinter, a shred of wood. Mistaken for a lowly discard of manufacture. Obscure in nature, strong in conviction, sharp in focus. A testament to all that should be. A representation of its parent or its essence of extraction.

Although not much, it could be the splinter that obscures the vision of the drive, hence causing the truck to careen off the road; spilling it precious cargo of lemon soaked face cleaning sponges; down the embankment, spraying the acidic rain into the air, enveloping the poor fauna, and farmer in the field, who’s asthmatic coughing and collapse causes him to reel backwards, spilling the small barrel of marbles, left out by his children; which then maneuver their clear, oceanic englazened spherical embodiments down the bypass road, onto the loading dock of a nearby commercial facility, causing an unwary facility engineer to spill her coffee into a small vent leading down into the auxiliary cooling shaft (34), disturbing the long settled dust and debris piled up from the nesting family of misplaced south American guava bats; this also causing a rare but unknown bat malady to incur within the bats, yielding instant heart attack and the descent of 12 small carcasses down an adjacent security shaft, which triggers a small but effected series of laser detection grids; which then malfunction due to shoddy wiring, then causing a small electrical fire in a nearby substation; allowing a distracted but slightly aggressive watchman to become startled; yet again dropping a delightful cherry-chocolate confection, made lovingly by his wife of 20 years; thereby covering a small light used to indicate over-temp on the newly imported and activated trilinear nuclear actuator; which then in a streak of bad luck ( or poor judgment of using, partially hydrogenated soybeans to construct any nuclear part ) begins to overheat and melt down, reacting with the nearby isolinear experimental crystalline matrix, causing a primary incineration of most of humanity; or a very warm donuts sitting a nearby hello kitty coffee table, brought in by a child of a shop steward on ‘bring your kids to work day’; mostly depending on which section of the universe you decide to focus on at that particular instantaneous flash of nuclear ionization…..

Tree’s evil. They are made up of millions of toothpicks. Splinters and toothpicks can destroy the universe. At least poke them in pineapples to keep them stable. geez. EOM


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