Chicken fried bacon

Written by hoisumguo on April 17th, 2010

chicken fried bacon

Anything good is deep fried. Or so the saying goes. Chicken fried deep fried bacon, would lead us to believe that the saying is true. How can one argue against something that sounds so full of crunchy goodness, and is by all common knowledge a ‘heart attack waiting to happen’? People know it’s not good for them yet they would eat it anyway and tempt death? Would you risk your life for broccoli or a mung bean? Now follow some commen comments and you would be lead to believe all that enjoy such a treat would be evil. Yet have you noticed how polite, happy and friendly some of the diners that service this type of eats are? Then again the argument could be made that this type of behavior is only true because nobody lives long enough to become more bitter with life. What better accents a dish of deep fried fat, but with a dipping sauce of more fat? OK even I admit this is a bit over the top, but everything has it’s compliment. The Discovery channel has always been good about hunting down these nooks and crevasses of crunchy eatery goodness. This either means they have a crack investigations department or replace a lot of road crews due to health insurance reasons. But with crunchy eats as a topic, anything deep fried is good …


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