Dominant definitive definitions of the Horticulture Harvest of the Hare

Written by hoisumguo on June 27th, 2009

Innovation – The ability to gather vast numbers of hares or rabbits within a small field unbeknownst to a nearby population of hunters.

Conservation – The processes of managing and retaining a vast number of hares or rabbits within a small field without establishing a ruling social class.

Manipulation – The aptitude to coordinate the mob-like mass of field dwelling un-rodentesque long-ears into believing they are superior to everything around them.

Instigation – The facility to mobilize and arm the now seething and multiplying fervent and rabid Oryctolagus cuniculus into a fully functional girl scout cookie selling unit of unheard of proportions.

Imagination – Something that one must still possess to be continually be reading about mobilized seething rabid girl scout cookie selling hares or rabbits….


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