I fail to see the humor in painful unrest, yet the mindworms persist on eating…

Written by hoisumguo on May 15th, 2009

car landscape

Mostly its about pain. The sort of pain that can only be instilled by nature and its wrath. Would this be that of suffering, or of sorrow? No, as that is left to the downtrodden and the country singers. Not such noble pain, but that such as a the type that bores through your skull like a small rodent in search of a piece of jelly pudding surprise. Only the green plague, and those other minions which are spawned by the evil ball of fire could ever bring such pain and misery.

Like the army of the north, it comes in waves, marching down the slopes of grey matter, chanting the songs of destruction. Every moment wallowing in the glee and satisfaction of the massive wake of anguish that is bestowed upon the channels of nerves embeded in landscape.

At some point, when the resistances fail, and the general, only known as the mindworm, flies his banner of pain triumphantly in the castle of the mind, one wonders if the random thoughts that scurry about fleeing the onslaught will survive or end up as more fodder in the pit of emotions.

But as daybreak comes, pain shall vanish, always fading as if fleeing from the light. Yet it is not a shadow so easily destroyed. For the mindworm is the general of the green plague, spawn of the evil ball of fire, bringer of the banner of pain, destroyer of the castle of the mind…..


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