Japan, the land of spaghetti-like culinary delights

Written by hoisumguo on January 13th, 2010

Vacation trips to far away places, are generally not appreciated as much until you are no longer there.


Vacation trips to far away places, are generally not appreciated as much until you are no longer there.

Family trip to Japan was definitely memorable, but I think not as much fun as everyone had expected. Probably didn’t help to go just before winter, as a lot of things were not open at normal times, but was definitely worth the trip. Probably the two biggest disappointments were the small (and therefore mostly unavailable) size of the ramen shops, and forgetting that most of the items that the kids were interested in (toy wise) were not going to work back at home. The sushi and sashimi were fantastic, and was definitely challenging to find food after the  first week of trying different culinary stops. The  Tsukiji market was really interesting to see, yet a bit dangerous, especially with younger children. There were lots of sites to see even in the middle of the cities, such as aquariums, and gardens. Unfortunately the gardens were pretty barren due to the time of season we were visiting, but still quite nice, and in some cases very large. It was always quite interesting that no matter that the building was a skyscraper, valuable office space was utilized to create atriums, or other non-office areas. People everywhere, no matter what time, and all very nice. Despite the number of people and shopping areas, I rarely saw a anti-theft security device, or in a lot of a cases … a trash can. Yet, despite the lack of trash recepticals there was very little (if any at all) litter. It would be good to get more out of the larger cities and more out to the country (which I’m sure would pose other challenges) on the next trip.  One of the unexpected occurrences was experienced at dinner time. There seemed to be a very large abundance of hamburger-like and spaghetti-like shops around. These are places that serve a hamburger looking dish of various varieties, or a spaghetti place that served something close but not exactly unlike spaghetti (didn’t actually try it, was too chicken). There was only one bad experience (for me)  on the Japan trip; tamago kake gohan … this has to be the worst dish I have ever had. Basically the maguro on top was great, but the extremely slimy raw egg mixed rice below is the first food item to ever surpass uni as my least favorite Japanese food. Overall it was a good trip for the adults, but we’ll have to see how eager the kids are to go the next time around. As per my youngest son, “Are we walking today again?”…


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