Kitchen Remodel – A-Z

This album lists the photo galleries for the entire kitchen remodel from initial clear out to final snaps.

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  4. Love deep linking idea. How about being able to link to full portions of videos in embeds? E.g., placing in and out points on the timeline and creating a unique embed code that would display only that particular portion of the video?

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  9. I love the spirit of your blog–and the joy you andyour subjects find in the long life well-lived. And, of course, I love the ($5!!) sunglasses in this post. So whimsical and alive!! Congrats on bringing this sometimes underappreciated group into the sunlight.

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  17. Gorgeous Debbi, love the idea of simple and quick too. I loved the ones you showed on Tuesday with Create a Flake 3. I'm loving embossing and just adding some pearls or jewels and ribbon this year. I haven't seen these Christmas M-bossabilities but I am going to Glasgow on Saturday so maybe…….!!Kat xx

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