Kitchen remodel you can’t ‘handle’ the truth

Written by hoisumguo on August 2nd, 2010

kitchen remodel cabinets

Handles handles everywhere, to grasp to hold to stop and stare. It’s a wonder what a handle does, as it lets us open things, just because. So exactly how many pygmies did that bad poem kill? Unsure, but definitely more than one hundred. Today was the realigning, and installing of many unseen soft close hinges and button stops. Cabinets now days are much less just how it looks on the outside, but a variety of convenience technologies built in to change the way the standard drawers and doors operate. Soft close hinges are great for kitchens with kids as it makes sure they are not slamable. Drawers have the same technologies now and prevent the wear and tear from the grubby little paws closing the draws with great force, or forgetting to close them all the way. Many other more standard options such as the spice racks drawers, peg based dish holders, multi-tiered utensil racks are all great options to allow one to put more into the same amount of space. Unfortunately the glass tiles didn’t make it in today, but all the better as it will allow for one more posting when they come in. Until then enjoy the post.


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