Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)

Written by hoisumguo on July 7th, 2009

michael jackson reherseals

The amount of media attention to the death of the King of Pop is amazing. Although not unwarrented, considering how much impact he’s had on the entire world for such a long time. Also amazing is the actual ability to broadcast and communicate regarding the whole issue via twitter, facebook, blogs, or even the live streaming coverage of the memorial. Like the Beatles, there are few actual epic personalities such as Michael Jackson, and still fewer showing on the horizon. Alot of mention by some channels and coverage has been towards Michael’s child molestation charges. These seem more sensationalized and a marker of exactly how low our society has drawn itself, as it continues to tear down anything that pleases people. I’m not a huge Michael Jackson idolizer, but I did enjoy some of his songs, and for the most part think that the charges during that era were based on greed and money. It was just too easy of a target in our decaying world of eroding ethics and morals. Strange to say regarding a child molestation issue, but that would only be if the assumption was that he was guilty. But for now, as Michael’s last stage prop states, ‘THIS IS IT’. But like Elvis, Michael Jackson will continue to live on.


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