New age of Hipstamatic

Written by hoisumguo on July 7th, 2010


My friend recently introduced me to an iPhone app called ‘Hipstamatic’. This is an app that mimics the old style cameras, with interchangeable lenses, and film borders. So far it’s been quite a bit of fun, and produces quaint photos. One of the only drawbacks of the operation of the app, is that the momentarily cute developing and printing modes cannot be disabled. And it also unfortunately doesn’t seem to fully understand the iPhone 4 flash mode and often gets hung up if needing to use it. Other than that, I’ve taken quite a few photos of random things and been happy with the aged look. This app is obviously not for everyone, but I’m sure it will tickle more than a few interests. Enjoy the snaps, and relish in the new age of Hipstamatic adventure …


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