Crocker Highlands Drama – Emperor’s New Clothes

Written by hoisumguo on April 15th, 2011

emperor new clothes

Crocker Highlands Drama recently put on a performance of “The Emperor’s New Clothes'”


Talking Lion Phone on The Good Wife found

Written by hoisumguo on April 6th, 2011

Tonight’s episode of the The Good Wife “Wrongful Termination” had a cute bit around one of the characters talking on a speakerphone featuring a small plush lion toy which moved it’s mouth as the character on the speakerphone talked. This had to be the absolutely funniest bit of the week but completely misplaced product-wise is it is very difficult to find the actual toy. But it has been found!

The toy is actually a small iPod toy which dances and moves it mouth to music. Also available but not featured are a bear, panda, and frog toys. Price is a bit steep for most, but for some it will be a must have.


Idea Dancing Animal Speakers


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