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And when you have nerves of steel,… take a picture

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

rally car crash

Definitely amazes me that the photographer doesn’t seem shaken at all, although maybe after watching it on replay (or 10 min later) I’m sure it dawned on him. Definitely a beer story at the local pub… No embeded viewing, so you’ll have to watch it after the jump … Rally Car on YouTube

Motor Trend reviews Porsche Panamera

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

red panameraNot exactly sure of what I think of this car yet. I bow to the porsche heritage, but view the panamera more towards the styling of the new BMW turismo lines. Like the Cayenne, I don’t doubt that I will grow to like it. On the flip side, I’m comparing the panamera to the Lotus Evora, and definitely think the porsche wins all around. I have a particular preference for the Evora’s nose styling, but am not a big fan of the Evora’s interrior and general fit and finish. Various mechanics such as the dual-clutch manual in the panamera are pushing it past the Evora as the top pick, which has considerably less technology for the money. It will be hard to put a final vote until both cars are actually released in the States.

but on to the review …

Motortrend Panamera First drive

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