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Poetry in Defense of Motion

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

alameda tunnelDefenders of the essence of thought exist and in abundance. Not often seen, nor are they ones who profoundly protest the spirit of the law. Most just quietly ponder and journal. It is those who truly understand the meaning and can comprehend every bit and bytes of black ions of darkness that fail to escape the lit canvas, and yet in doing so create meaning. OK, maybe not meaning, but at least a puddle or blurb of inky black goo that is sometimes obfuscated enough and then pondered enough to excerpt a shred of incoherent vernacular.

Then there are the Enforcers. These are those that practice force of strength, yet refuse to use it. Often times seen in groups or in the case of the most skilled, in singular solitude. Yet somehow they convey violence, aggression, force, power, with only the ghosts of ancestry and spirits to abuse. They move not in any of those minds unless those minds have been lost. The largest display of power, is demonstrative of the greatest of artistry.

Lastly there are those in relation to the enforcers. Like those of force, they move, yet they choose to effect others. Yet again there is force, but not from the motion, or those in motion. Effect is present, and evident, as sometimes is related to the progression of motion within the effected.

All are related, and only those who can hear what is written, understand the unspoken, or feel the movement of that which is still will understand. Is this a deeper understanding of life? No. its a reality. And this? is it a manifest? No. Its a wonderment that one would read so far in the inky black ions of nothingness surrounded my colorful light, and disregard life in general, which is far more interesting these mindless lines of progressively more incomprehensible, yet verbose paragraphs of mediocrity. But it continues. Why? Because for some innate reason, not understood by any reasonable individual, someone decided (most likely me) to continue to destroy perfectly usable white space that could have been utilized elsewhere in the world as possible filler for a space in a document of far greater importance. Maybe a treaty in a war torn country, or a long awaited famine funding letter could be held up for lack of a ‘This Page left intentionally Black” page, due to a shortage created by useless verbosity such as this. But, such is the unfairness of life. For white space is just more emptiness.

Emptiness begets motion; Motion begets Action; Action begets Defense; Defense, whether a failure or a success always begets words, and words unfortunately, are often mistaken as Poetry.

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