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Imports and Exports

Friday, August 21st, 2009

When often awoke to the thought of why  it is that the wild aboriginal poultry did invade to a German nation to export all the worlds meat products, one does pause for yet a second. Then another second does pass as the idea of taking said spoils from the WAP and importing them to a yet second source of distribution. Maybe this could be another meat stricken country, such as Ohio. Although I completely comprehend that Ohio is a state within the United States of America, it is not incomprehensible that it is only such because they have not fully realized the potential of becoming a fully developed meat fulfilled country and determined that revolution is necessary to obtain such a goal. Maybe the import of WAP enabled meat spoils could incite this sort of revolution. It could be a Ohio WAP revolution of epic meat proportions! Although, I believe they do have localize meat of some sort in Ohio, this resistance could be subdued. The number nearby state conversions could also be quite profitable. Possible convulsions could spread to contain all 50 state/countries to form 50 independent meat countries!

This leads me to believe that a small export of meat from a German town could lead to widespread importation and profitability of the WAP funding coffers. Either that or I really should just not wake up this early in the morning.

I think I vote for the later…..

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