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Kitchen remodel the appliances have landed

Saturday, August 21st, 2010


It seems to be a law that the closer to the end of a project it is, the slower the project seems to go. The appliances have at finally arrived and have been installed. Unfortunately there is some complication where the back stove shelf is neither available nor apparently will it fit even if it was. Something to do with the wall not being level. The cabinet doors for the sink were removed to work on the plumbing hookups and garbage disposal. When re-installed the doors were put on upside down, but at least this is easily corrected. The new microwave and island over were installed, and powered up, and with some tweeking here and there the refrigerator also is finally in. We were a little worried about the refrigerator as we ordered it as frameless. This isn’t done nearly as often in the us (for unknown reasons) as in Europe, but ended up with pleasantly clean lines. The final set of pictures will be with everything done (hopefully) and with all the paint also completed. But until then here are the latest pix …

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