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New People San Francisco Grand Opening, a different world

Monday, August 17th, 2009

20090815-2009_08_15_1269The Grand Opening of New People in San Francisco Japan-town was something quite literally out of this world. There was the supposition that there would be some workers from the store “Baby, the stars shine bright” in attendance or roaming about. What was not as expected was to see so many non-employees at the gala wearing their favorite fashion ensemble. The sights were amazing in the over abundance of people dressed up in costume and actually waiting to make a purchase in the new store. Only 150 lucky ticket holders were allowed initially into the new building. A good number of those ticket holders stood in line under the not exactly cool San Francisco sun. The opening of the New People five story building was a nice site to see, after not seeing much real activity in Japan-town in such a long time. Hopefully the trend will spread and create a nice cultural niche that would make a great compliment to an already diverse and colorful city.San Francisco is already adorn with the unique Castro, and Chinatown areas. Would the addition of the bright, colorful (except the whole goth look), and energetic J-Pop be all that unusual in an already bright, colorful, and energetic city? It would be great if the city government would help to promote such great cultural importation from abroad. I would not say that Harajuku girls are at the top of my like lists, but just like any other fashion, it has to be admired for the amount of work put into looking good. J-POP FTW!

New People, San Francisco, CA

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