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Honda U3-X transport or office chair

Monday, June 7th, 2010


Up until now, I’ve had quite a few news views of the Honda U3-X mobility transport.


The device has shown up in technology news, auto news, robot news. It is a quite futuristic looking device, for which there really has been descriptions of it’s innovation. Yet what is it? It’s a chair.

Now this in no way diminishes the coolness of the unit, but I think a little more could be done to help demonstrate that part of the description. The Asimo site has a great picture of some of the researchers sitting on the U3-x.

Depending on the price, it could make an awesome office chair (although at the same time contributing to the obeseness of Americans). But until the release date, we will all have to continue to walk to get that bag of Cheetos.

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