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Puppy twitter really?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Innovation is the keystone of the valley, yet sometimes I wonder what exactly is going on in the ‘innovation’ sessions at some places. Twitter is a phenomenon that allows people to post idle, random or newsworthy thoughts as if broadcasting on the text version of public radio. So why should our best friends be left out? Truthfully I really am not sure I’d want to know what our family pet was thinking, but to some I could see the humor in following a pet tweeting at home whilst one is away at work. If you’ve got the $30 to burn, and really want to SQUIRREL!!!! ahem…. peep in on the family pet, maybe this is the wave of the future. Of course I’m sure the cats will get jealous and hack in nasty comments, or slight the poor cockatoo next door… but then maybe it really will be for the birds. At least for the birds who can’t talk.  Read the full article on Puppy Twitter after the jump … CNN on Puppy Twitter

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