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Saturday, July 31st, 2010


“Ahoy”, said the sailor, “Island off the port”. The kitchen island has arrived. It took a little over an hour to bring in the ‘fusion quartzite‘ counter-top in to the kitchen and install it. The island turned out a bit darker than I thought, but the island lights still need to be installed. Although there are many pictures left to take, it will probably get a bit harder to see the changes, as a lot of the changes are smaller. Toe kicks, cabinet hardware, and other finish work are the majority of what is left. The only big piece remaining is the appliance installation. The end is in site, and it will be nice to have use of the kitchen again. The refrigerator freezer combo in the garage has been a lot more useful than anticipated when we originally purchased it. In the end it really was the new Trader Joe’s nearby that made being kitchenless easier, with their tasty frozen foods.

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