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KFC Double down

Monday, April 5th, 2010

KFC Double down Currently I’m feeling quite sickly and green, with a non-stop pain that might humble an elephant. But amidst the fog and discomfort, it’s nice to know that soon there will be a solution to the now all to healthy direction that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been taking recently. It will be known to all as the “KFC Double down“. This may look like an idea spawned from a really bad manufacturing accident, but it is in fact pieces of crispy bacon wedged in between two fried pieces of chicken. Now this combination could only be made better by a nice large piece of green chili, but alas it is sans-chili. So now it will be balanced that the table filled with the healthier non-KFCish roasted chicken is oppose by the bacon slathered (and hopefully crispy) wedge of chickenness. Hail to all entirety of the return of goodness, and now let me return to my low salt, no sugar, fishy diet and grumble in piece. Watch the countdown at KFC double down page … link

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