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iPhone 4 sales open for pre-order

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

After staring at the temporarily unavailable iPhone 4 pre-order page all night, the Apple store finally opens for business. The newly priced iPhone 3GS is available, as is the the black iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 white version seems to be left out from the party at this time. iphone4This may disappoint many as there seem to be a lot of people waiting specifically for the new white version. Unfortunately the pre-order requires checking with AT&T Wireless, which at this time is mostly down due to the pounding of the masses on the poor proxy gateways that lead to the AT&T Wireless website. Yet again the AT&T partnership will frustrate the masses of Apple fans, and make all of the the work by the Apple systems admins to make sure the website experience is zippy clean, rather useless as many sit and watch the spinning busy (and sometimes timeout) issues of AT&T. For now hopefully, the evil spinning cursor of death will end soon and life can move on …

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