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A sharp blade does not a cloud slayer make…

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


An interesting thing about swords. They mark the end of your life with a swing, or as a post in the ground. They sustain your life as a block, or as they cut your daily meal. They can begin your life as a tribulation, or your first game of knights. But never does a cloud fear one. You can shout, you can swing, you can block, you can cut. You can play, you can be the mightiest of knights. Yet, it does not fear, it just floats. And when it feels you’ve had enough, it reposts, and you get wet. No direct harm, just wet. You are cold, you are miserable, you could stay and fight. Yet it is unharmed. In the end. You will catch cold and die. But the cloud will float, continue to enjoy and protect the evil ball off fire, as is its duty. One must envy the power and carefree nature of such a position. For not many get such grant and leeway. But to retreat and regroup is alway an option, and a sword is the direct, but not singluar option. For all things can be overcome. A shiny sword layed upon the ground will even make a gaggle of squirrels crowd about.  What does that mean? I don’t know, but its a SHINY SWORD DAMNIT! GAZE UPON IT!!!!! ( if the squirrels thinks its neat shouldn’t you? look…. its alotttttttt of squirrels… .common mass crowd appeal… you know you wanna… ) 🙂

And then did dusk break over the hills of Brethendorth…

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

san francisco landscape

“First Sergent reporting as order Sir!” shouted Sergent Glumly abruputly. “Why?” retourted Commander Binkly. “Er. You requested me from the northern front sir!?” Commander Binkly turns slowly from his ashen desk only enough to gaze quizzically at Sergent Glumly. “I think you are mistaken First Sergent Glumly.” “But sir!” protested Sergent Glumly. “Enough!” shouted Commander Binkly. “You have already interrupted my freeflow thought pattern exercise, where I strategise and deem that I am worthy of more than I am misunderstood to be!” “Sir?” questions Sergent Glumly. “I said DON’T MONKEYBATH ME BOY!” shouts Commander Binkly. “Yes Si……” *Ion blaster discharge crackles abruptly* *thud* Command Binkly holsters his dischared weapon. “Hmm. Now that wasn’t as entertaining as I thought.” he proclaims unimpressed. Commander Binkly pulls out his comm device and dials the southern front. “Second Sergent Kragornith report to the Commanders post in central immediately!”. “Now, monkeybath wasn’t quite the right word..” the commanders mermers as he scratches out a word on a small text vivo-pad. He scribbles another couple of words down on a sheet of vivo-paper, and then sits down at his desk as if to ponder some more……

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