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Anyone for a rubber band war? Disintegrator FTW!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

dsc_0269I’m often amazed at what people can do with a little spare time and a simple childhood toy. Although definitely enhance by the current technology of high torque battery operated construction tools, it’s a very nice design. The pix with people could have been a little better than the semi-crouching pseudo militant poses, but then again it’s probably really hard to pose with a huge rapid fire wooden rubber band gun and look menecing anyhow… Boys and their toys at Disintegrator website.

As if I needed more reasons to hook into Facebook…

Monday, June 29th, 2009

my desk friend

For $99, I’m not sure if this fits into the ‘white elephant’ category of gifts, but it’s pretty cute. I think I especially like when you pick it up and shake it, that it screams.

My Desk Friend from Arimaz may not be on your kids x-mas list ( for $99 let hope not, as it will most likely last for like one week), but products like this definitely have their own charm.

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