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Lotus Evora gives birth to six foot tall human

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

lotus evora trunk

Luxury sports vehicles are not always known for spacious storage areas. In a recent Road and Track story Photographer Chris Cantle demonstrates how a six foot tall man can stuff himself into the trunk of a Lotus Evora. From the pictures previously seen of the Evora trunk, it actually did not look like there was that much storage. It is a wonder however if either Chris belongs to the mafia and was function testing the vehicle or it some how randomly dawned on him (or a coworker) when driving in to work, “Maybe I should see if I can stuff myself into a small sports trunk today”. I’d also like to add that rearranging the pictures it looks more like a auto birthing process, but maybe that bit was already tried and a six foot man in a diaper crawling out of a sports  car in a parking lot was a bit much. Ahem, and now for something completely different … at the very least it’s great to start seeing new articles show up ( and a funny one at that ) about the Lotus Evora. Jump to Road and Track Beta Blog.

lotus evora trunk

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