The stench of that which is only not abnormally but seeminly never un-invisible

Written by hoisumguo on May 15th, 2009

Every now and then there is this feeling of enthusiasum or dread that impeds on ones existance, that is not discernable from a particular nor specific nor relavent train of thought. Its sort of like the stench of canine feces that you could swear you smell, but you cannot locate on your person nor in your environment. One often wonders if this is an obtuse trick of the imagination, or is one really tracking dog poop around the house or car.

I’m sure everyone feels a random, but powerful emotion of uncertainty at some point at random intervals. Now whether or not they actually admit they feel as if they should actually go about spouting that the earth is about to hear the raging new music of the sectarian figian spider monkeys, I am uncertain. But I do think that we should admit that we still don’t know where that smell actually is eminating from and that it could be related to a horde of very small chickens nesting atop your new sparkly bread machine…. or … its just that its going to be a strange day, and your can’t figure out why, just go buy a dog that matches the smell….. done….


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